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1st period ELA

1st period ELA

2nd period ELA

6th Grade 2017/18

8th grade survey "Best of" and "Most likely to"

8th grade survey "Best of" and "Most likely to"

(CDE) FITNESSGRAM: Healthy Fitness Zone Charts

(CDE) Physical Fitness Curl Up Video

(CDE) Physical Fitness Push Up Video

(CDE) Physical Fitness Trunk Lift Video

Beginning Band 6-8

Conolly Elective

ELA Quarter 2: Period 2

Homeroom Quarter 1

Language Arts

Make-Up Assignment

Math 6

Math 6

Math 6

Math 6

Math Gusman 2

Math Per 5


Math Period 1 Quarter 1

Medical Detectives Period 6 Quarter 1

Mrs. Capela's College Prep Elective

Mrs. Capela's ELA News

Mrs. Casselman's Class page

Mrs. George's Class Page

Mrs. Gusman's Class Page

Mrs. Papasergia- English

Mrs. Papasergia- Math

Mrs. Pierce 2017/2018

Mrs. Rocha 2017-2018

Mrs. Segundo's Class Page

Mrs. Stewart Science

Mrs. Wong's Language Arts

My Fitness Plan


Period 1

Period 1

Period 1

Period 1

Period 1 2016-17

Period 1 2016-17

Period 1 2016-17

Period 1 6th grade Reading

Period 1, Science

Period 3 - 8th grade Science

Period 3 Warrior Choir

Period 4 - 8th grade Science

Period 6 - 8th grade Science

Physical Fitness Cadence-Curl Up

Physical Fitness Cadence- Push Up

PickleBall Scrabble

Practice sight

practice site

Practice site

Quarter 1 History

Quarter 1 Math

Safe School Ambassadors (SSA)

Safe School Ambassadors (SSA)

Schwartz-Math-1st Period

Schwartz-Math-2nd Period

Science 1

Science 2

Science 4

Science 5

Science 6

Second Period

SMS Warrior News

Starting Your Fitness Plan


Track & Field Videos